• Customize Corporate Gifts

    Personalisation creates a deeper and more emotional marketing to your audiences. This kind of customer experience rewards higher level of loyalty, uniqueness, belongingness and deeper relationship - -

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  • Event Activation & Team Building

    Engagement activities can lead to loyalty for life. Connecting with your staff or customers in a personalised way provides memorable experience for them and at the same time, improves your company’s image and competitive advantage in the long run. Be it team building or customer engagement events, we offer a variety of choices to fit your needs.

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  • FujiMāo | Tealight Candle Holder

    When we say, 100% handmade, we mean it! Each piece is a work of love, handcrafted from start to finish. From the initial 3D illustration to the meticulous mould making, casting, painting, candle making, and packaging design, every step is done by hand.


    Our workshops are suitable for single or groups to spend some fun and creative time together! From private to corporate workshops, we offer a variety of choices to fit different event needs and audiences.

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| N E W P R O D U C T |
Māostone Vol 02. | Step Step Level Up

Just drop a few drops of your favourite oils into the bottom of the stone, let it absorb and slowly release the scent into the air.

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