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May 19 : Hand-Building Ceramic Art Jam

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RM 165.00
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RM 180.00
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Learning the basic techniques of hand-building such as pinching, hollowing, coiling, slab working, you will be able to create functional vessels, tableware and unique sculptural pieces. To train with your fingers on how to apply pressure to mold the clay.

Hand-Building Ceramic Art Jam
✅ Date:19 May 2024 (Sunday)
✅ Time : 3-5pm
✅ Fees : RM 165/pax
Language of learning: Multiple

Venue 地点:
A SPACE TO_. (Opposite Seventeen Mall)
936-1, Jalan 17/38, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya
📍 waze : A SPACE TO
What is Hand Building?
Handbuilding in pottery offers a versatile approach, where you shape clay with the aid of basic tools and the tactile guidance of your hands. Employing methods such as pinching, coiling, and slab construction allows you to create unique pottery pieces that express your artistic creativity.

What you will be learning?
How to use pinching, coiling, and slab construction techniques
How to join pieces together to make complex forms
How to apply glaze and surface treatments for a polished look.

Bring home :
1. Handbuilding tools for class use only
2. 300g clay (able to make 1 artwork or 2 mini work only)
3. Underglaze painting for class use only


  1. Glazing and firing will be done by the instructor. The glaze colour will be chosen and glazed by the instructor randomly. Instructor will bring back all the artwork for air dry, bisque firing,glazing and glaze firing.
  2. Glazing and Firing need to be done following a schedule, hence the art piece will be done after one month or more and participants are required to self collect
  3. Please ensure your nails are short as long nails may hinder your movements and cut into your clay pieces.
  4. Kindly be informed that as this artwork is handmade, therefore it is deemed to be in unlikely condition during the above process. For instance, cracking, different tones of glaze (color) and etc.
  5. Upon signing up for the classes please ensure you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.
  6. We shall not be responsible for any damages or dispute arising after the class ended

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Email: aspaceto.my@gmail.com