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Japanese Book-Binding Kit (Limited Series: Marble Cover)

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Binding Method : Japanese Book-Binding

Can’t seem to find the right journal? Like the cover design but not the paper material? DIY bookbinding is a great way to make unique journals/notebooks for yourselves, as gifts, or scrapbooks for specific events. You can control the paper/size/shape so they fit your purpose.

For those interested in making books, Japanese stab bindings are an ideal place to begin the journey. Join us to learn how this method can benefit you in so many ways!

“Make a book & fill it up with stories.” 📚


Limited Series

Please note that this is a limited series. Only 8 kits are available and only 1 piece per design. 

This kit includes: .
• a QR code access to our digital tutorial (Japanese Book-Binding).
• a set of notes prepared by @aspaceto_
• Essential tools for almost all bookbinding methods (not only for Japanese bookbinding).
• All materials needed.

Book-Binding kit – The Essentials :-

• All the essential tools for book-binding
• 1 set of paper & card materials

* FREE 1 curved folding tool
* FREE 1 washi tape by @nichibanmy (Only 3 left! After this we will be replacing with our own collection of washi tapes :)

• RM130 with video tutorial


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